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An interesting email exchange with a journalist at the Times
From: Moody, Oliver []
Subject: Willand rising?

Dear Ray,
I hope you'll excuse the intrusion but there is a very odd story doing the rounds from a scientific conference in Austria that Willand is rising by 2cm a year for reasons that researchers don't really understand.
Do you think this could possibly be true? And if so, is the uplift something residents have noticed? It sounds like quite a bit change.
Best wishes,

On 16 April 2018 at 11:07, Ray Ursell wrote:
Dear Oliver
Sounds fascinating but I canít say that we stand in the middle of the village and feel it rising!
At about 2cm per year over a period of time that is massive change and over 3-5 years you would have thought that there would be signs of distortion or cracking as we have a railway, motorway and normal roads. I have not heard of any cracks etc appearing.
Maybe the next conference should be held in Willand next year ideally on April 1st.
Kind regards

Dear Ray - the April fool is a good point well made. Thank you for getting back to me. Oliver

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