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Thu 22 Mar 2018     

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Parish Council
Name Role Telephone Email
Kate Taylor Parish Clerk 07920 014407 willandclerk@willandmatters.org.uk
Nick Bartlett Parish Councillor 01884 840266 nick.bartlett@willandmatters.org.uk
Andrea Glover Parish Councillor 01884 798913 andrea.glover@willandmatters.org.uk
Keith Grantham Parish Councillor 07881 627946 keith.grantham@willandmatters.org.uk
Tony Mander Parish Councillor 01884 821174 tony.mander@willandmatters.org.uk 
Steve Manktelow Parish Councillor 01884 820542 steve.manktelow@willandmatters.org.uk
Richard Phare Vice Chairman  01884 821910 richard.phare@willandmatters.org.uk 
John Sellick Parish Councillor 07865 570755 john.sellick@willandmatters.org.uk 
Jason Scott Parish Councillor 07818 045215 jason.scott@willandmatters.org.uk
Bill Tobin Parish Councillor 01884 821571 william.tobin@willandmatters.org.uk
Barry Warren Chairman 01884 34670 barry.warren@willandmatters.org.uk
Frances Wilcox Parish Councillor  07748 557107 frances.wilcox@willandmatters.org.uk

Support volunteers
Name Role Telephone Email
Brian Holmes Village Consultation  01884 34111 brian.holmes@willandmatters.org.uk
Margaret Dennis Willand Tree Warden

Ward Members
Name Role Telephone Email
Ray Radford Devon County Councillor 01884 820000 ray.radford@devon.gov.uk
Jill Doe Mid Devon District Councillor  01363 83410 jdoe@middevon.gov.uk
Richard Chesterton Mid Devon District Councillor 01884 33480 rchesterton@middevon.gov.uk
Bob Evans Mid Devon District Councillor 01884 849248 revans@middevon.gov.uk

The Parish Council is governed by a code of conduct



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