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Thu 22 Mar 2018     

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Willand Matters

Road Closure Tuesday 3 April - Wednesday 4 April
Lloyd Maunder Rd Willand for a maximum of 5 days

Torridge, North, Mid and Devon Citizens Advice
Currently recruiting a Business Development and Public Relations Officer.

Response to Willand Magazine article

Thefts from vans in Mid Devon
Police have received a number of reports about tools being stolen from work vans in the Mid Devon area.The incidents have occurred overnight. Vans have been entered by forcing and damaging door locks, with power and hand tools being targeted.Please see the attachment for advice

MDDC Planning meeting 28 February 2018
Proposal: Outline for a mixed development of 30 dwellings, commercial buildings, access, public open space, landscaping, and associated works Location: Land at NGR 303116 110179 (NE of Rydon House) Willand Devon

18/00175/MOUT New Application for more housing in Willand
Outline for the erection of up to 125 dwellings with public open space and associated infrastructure

Phantom Debt Fraud warning February 2018
Click here to see about a UK wide scam regarding debt collection

Police warn of scam HMRC calls

Importation of feed to the digester below Lloyd Maunder(2 Sisters).
LM Property Holdings have made an application to change Condition 6 of their permission for the importation of feed to the digester below Lloyd Maunder(2 Sisters). They now want to bring in poultry waste 65,000 tonnes through the village although they have permission for 55,000 tonnes already. It will allegedly be brought in in sealed containers. This is yet another application for a variation on this site. When will it stop? Local residents said very little when the application first was submitted. Latest application on the DCC Planning Website is numbered DCC/4037/2017 Variation of Condition 6 of permissions DCC/3725/2014 and DCC/3850/2016 to remove the restriction on the importation of poultry products by road

New Trustees needed for Involve
Do you have the skills to become a Trustee of Involve? It is an infrastructure support organisation for voluntary action in Mid Devon supporting groups and individuals throughout the District from an office in Tiverton. It aims to develop, support and empower voluntary and community action to improve communities in Mid Devon To enable individuals to participate in their communities through the promotion of an access to, volunteering opportunities.

17/00652/MOUT 30 Dwellings - Esso Garage Willand
This application will not be heard at the committee meeting on 3rd January 2018 and is therefore deferred until the committee meeting of 31st January 2018 at 2.15 pm

17/00652/MOUT Esso Garage Willand
Proposal: Outline for a mixed development of 30 dwellings, commercial buildings, access, public open space, landscaping, and associated works

Used Stamps required
Please send any stamps to the Hearing Dogs For Deaf People see article here

Devon Recycling Awards 2018
Annual awards are a chance to nominate Devon's recycling heroes Devon residents and communities are being called on to nominate their unsung recycling heroes, whose efforts have helped the county remain one of the greenest in the UK. Click for more information

Message from the Devon & Cornwall Police
We would like to remind residents to securely close and lock doors and windows before leaving property unattended. This follows a report of a burglary in the Willand area between 0930-1305hrs 06 November. An unknown offender has entered the property via an open window. Report any suspicious activity seen to police dialling 999 if offenders are still in the area at the time of your call, using email 101@dc.police.uk or calling 101 with any other information. Thank you

Parish Notice boards
Have your say about another notice board

Skill Share 30 October to 10 December Square Corner Uffculme
Mondays at 200pm click for more information.

Devon Smokefree Alliance Newsletter September 2017

Willand Parish Council grass cutting
The Parish Council are looking for a contractor to cut the areas of DCC grass in the village. Tender documents available here if you are interested

Theft from Spearings Coaches
The incident happened in the early hours of Saturday morning and coach batteries were stolen and significant damage caused to 4 coaches parked in the layby opposite the Halfway House, Willand

WHCC Quiz night
Join the fun in the Village Hall on Saturday 30 September 2017 click for details

Open Garden for CHSW 2018
Are you proud of your garden and would like to raise money for Children's Hospice SW. Click link below for information

Grass cutting in Willand Parish Council update September2017
Some of the grass around the village has been cut by a contractor employed by the Parish Council. Because there were a number of areas which Devon County Council had not cut this year it took longer than expected. The DCC maps are out of date and some areas are missing. The Parish Council are working to get that put right. The areas around the Orchard Way area and Jaycroft will be cut next week - weather permitting. Any information as to missed areas or areas where a resident or groups are happy to continue to cut verges by their property please do so. Please email Clerk with any observations or information.

Application to build 29 affordable homes in Willand
Planning Application for 29 affordable houses (some rent & some joint ownership) has bee received for the field next to Ash Close on Silver Street. Parish Council will be discussing on Thursday 10 August Meeting. All are welcome to attend 1900 hours Village Hall Annex. Let MDDC know your views by entering them on planning portal via the MDDC planning website click above for the link to the site.

Devon Communities Together explain how to purchase cheaper heating oil for Devon residents
Summer is here and so is cheaper heating Oil This is the time of year when the organised amongst us start to think about winter oil stocks; Summer's is often the best time to buy. Low demand drives prices down. The Devon Oil Collective was set up by Devon Communities Together and has been saving people money on the purchase of their oil for the last 5 years. This is a way of ensuring that the hard task of finding the cheapest oil to purchase is done by us. Leaving you able to just sign up, sit back and enjoy the benefits of cheaper heating oil. In 2016 we went into partnership with Affinity, a subsidiary of Anglian Famers Ltd the largest agricultural purchasing co-operative in the UK. Affinity pool together fuel orders and negotiate directly with suppliers, obtaining very competitive prices for syndicate members and a good delivery service. How it works: You can now sign up to become a member of the co-operative on the Devon Communities Together website in our membership section. Once you become a member you can place your order directly with Affinity normally on the 1st working day of the month and they will add your requirements to the bulk purchase they are negotiating. There is a minimum order of 500 litres and that unit price will be the same for all orders. Affinity then aims to have the oil delivered to your property within 10 working days of the order being placed. If you know of people in your community that could benefit from purchasing their oil through a local co-operative, then why not become a Local Co-ordinator and help your community group with their orders. Co-ordinators have free membership of the collective and we support them with promotional material for the scheme. This scheme is for everybody, but we particularly want to help those on low incomes or who find it difficult to manage their own negotiations. To find out more about the Devon Oil Collective call Huw on 01392 248919 or visit the Devon Oil Collective page of the Devon Communities Together website.

2016 - 2017 notice of completion of audit
Completion of audit notice

Outline for the erection of up to 259 dwellings, with public open
Proposal: Outline for the erection of up to 259 dwellings, with public open space, landscaping and associated infrastructure Location: Land at NGR 303184 110348 Silver Street Willand Application No: 16/01811/MOUT Appeal Ref No. APP/Y1138/W/17/3172380 Appellants Name: Gallagher Estates Limited The Parish Council advised that an appeal had been received against the refusal of this application. If you are for or against the application please let the Appointed Inspector know your views and your reasons for them. It is not a done deal but it does need numbers to share their reasons in a response to the Inspector or else they will think the village do not care what happens. It can be done on line or by letter. The link is https://acp.planninginspectorate.gov.uk OR by writing to Ann Edmonds, The Planning Inspectorate, Room 3M, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN quoting the above appeal reference, you will need to provide 3 copies. Comments must be received by 21 August 2017. Please share and tell your friends and neighbours. If you want some ideas as to reasons look at the Parish Council response on the website We had 71 responses regarding the Esso Garage application. Can we do it again as this will have an even greater effect on our village and facilities.

Grass cutting in Willand - It could cost you more money!
You will have noted that Devon County Council have now cut all they are going to do on the verges in Willand. Mid Devon District Council have cut areas of public green open space which come under their jurisdiction to what they call an acceptable standard. A number of residents have contacted the Parish Council; some have contacted our Devon County Councillor direct expressing their concerns. What do you think? The Parish Council has been approached to pass over monies to MDDC towards the cost of cutting grass more often. Fuller details are awaited. Whereas this year some money may be able to be found in reserve, in future it may mean the Council Tax rising further for the Parish Council share or something will have to go like the Christmas light or improvements to areas of play or open space looked after by the Parish Council. More detail will be in the next Willand Magazine but the last time we raised the issue only ONE person responded. The Parish Council need your views please. Please circulate to all your friends and contacts in the village. If we hear nothing we will have to make a decision which may not be to peoples liking.

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