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Tue 19 Feb 2019     


Follow on from the Public Meeting

1. Have you had the opportunity to look at a copy of the proposals on the MDDC Website?
2. Have you taken the opportunity to attend an MDDC or Private Developers’ presentation?
3. Have you submitted a response in relation to all or any of the proposals? 

If you have done any of these things would you share it with the Parish Council please?  We are currently only nine voluntary members doing our best to look after our community on your behalf.  We need to know what you think to ensure our response represents as balanced a view as possible for the parish.

If you have not done any of these things your Parish Council would urge you to be aware of what is being proposed in your name by the District Council, Developers and some landowners.  Whatever your view be assured the outcome will affect you or your children for years to come – either in a positive or negative way.

Development being proposed within the Parish – most of the sites being outside of the agreed Settlement Area - is as follows:
(a)  Land at the entrance to Quicks Farm off the Uffculme straight – 68 houses;
(b) Land adjacent to the B3181 between the Village and the Esso Garage – 39 houses which should all be ‘Affordable’ – a planning application for 7 of these is already in the system;
(c) Land east of the M5 – this is on the three fields off Meadow Park where the footpath runs down the edge of the fields from the Woodland Trust area – 142 houses;
(d) Dean Hill on both sides as you leave the B3181 between the railway and the M5 – 54 houses;
(e) Lloyd Maunder Way – 41 houses backing onto the Motorway;
(f) Willand Industrial Estate – further Industrial development on the recognized site;
(g) Lloyd Maunder [Two Sisters] site – further Industrial development BUT note the potential use of flood plain.

Views are needed as to whether or not our infrastructure can deal with this.  How will the Pre School or Primary School deal with the potential influx?  What about the medical provision or village hall and youth club?  The list of questions or observations could go on.  Are the proposed sites suitable?

The greater issue is the proposal in relation to a potential new development running from Junction 27 on land between the M5 and the B3181 all the way from Waterloo Cross to Muxbeare Lane (Half Way House).  This will involve Industrial development and a major retail/entertainment/service facility and then all the rest of the way down will be nearly 3,000 houses.  Although these developments are not in Willand Parish we are the closest centre which will attract a lot of the problems.  Our businesses may benefit but on the other hand a mini Street Clark’s Village or Cribs Causeway at Junction 27 may not be so good. We are sure that new schools and possibly a community centre will appear.  Where is all the sewage going?  What about allotments, playing fields, cemetery and the like.  Willand, nor for that matter Uffculme can cope with all this addition.

Are you bothered?  Let us know.  If you need to talk to anyone on the Parish Council I will help if I can.  Think about it – please! 

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Barry G J Warren
Chair of Planning, Lighting & Transportation Committee
Willand Parish Council

Willand Parish Council
Meeting invitation

Friday 7th March 2014 6:30pm for 7:00pm




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