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Sun 19 Nov 2017     

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Parish Council - Planning

Mid Devon District Council decisions

17/01293/FULL - WPC 20171012
Installation of waste water treatment plant including 3 water storage tanks and siting of 8 LPG tanks

17/01257/LBC WPC 20170810
Listed Building Consent for replacement of 3 windows on west elevation

17/00300/MOUT -WPC 20170810
Appeal Ref No. APP/Y1138/W/17/3178479 Proposal: Outline for the erection of 30 dwellings and new vehicular and pedestrian accesses Location: Land at NGR 305578 112053 Uffculme Road Uffculme

17/00892/HOUSE - WPC 20170608
Erection of two-storey extension following removal of existing attached garage (Revised scheme)

17/01142/FULL -WPC 20170824
Variation of Condition 9 of planning permission 16/01180/FULL to change sections i) and ii) of the condition with reference to the location and source of feedstock and the subsequent ultimate destination of digestate from the anaerobic digester. Land at NGR 299621 112764, (Red Linhay), Crown Hill, Halberton

17/00648/MFUL - WPC 20170427
Extension to slurry store (1150 sq. m.)

17/01185/TPO -WPC 20170810
Application to remove upper stem of 1 Field Maple by 2m; remove all stems of 1 Beech tree and remove 1st limb of 1 Ash tree protected by Tree Preservation Order 74/00015/TPO Location: Land at NGR 303464 110526 Meadow Park Willand

17/01176/FULL- WPC 20170810
Erection of a replacement agricultural livestock building (601.81 sq. m.)

17/00769/MFUL - WPC 20170622
Demolition of existing commercial building (Use Class B1, B2, B8) and erection of replacement commercial building (Use Class B1, B2, B8) with parking area

17/01141/TPO - WPC 20170727
Application to fell 1 Oak tree protected by Tree Preservation Order No.96/00014/TPO

17/01077/FULL - WPC 20170727
Retention of fence adjacent to Muxbeare Lane

17/01070/FULL - WPC 20170727
Retention of a lean-to smoking shelter to front of property

17/01149/CAT - WPC 20170727
Intention to fell 1 Lime tree and 1 Conifer within the Conservation Area

17/00957/HOUSE - WPC 20170713
Erection of single storey extension to rear, conversion of garage to playroom and link from garage to house

17/00877/HOUSE WPC 20170713
Erection of two storey extension to side



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