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Tue 19 Feb 2019     


Planning applications with Willand Parish Council

18/00390/FULL -WPC 20180322
Construction of an access ramp to first floor classroom and replace window with door

18/00296/FULL- WPC 20180322
Variation of Conditions 1, 4 and 5 of Planning Permission 16/01950/ARM to allow the addition of 2 dormer windows, replacement of hedge with fence and extension of existing wall height to 1.8m to replace fencing

18/00359/HOUSE - WPC 20180322
Erection of an extension and conservatory

Planning applications with Mid Devon District Council

18/00302/FULL - WPC 20180308
Change of use from car park to storage (Class B8) and installation of weighbridge and control room at Carlu Close and change of use of land to car park on land adj Lucas Yard

18/00248/FULL - WPC 20180308
Erection of extension for existing use classes B1/B8

18/00257/TPO - WPC 20180308
Application to dismantle one ash tree to ground level protected by TPO

18/00204/FULL - WPC 20180308
Erection of extension to existing food facility and siting of 2 nitrogen storage tanks

18/00175/MOUT -WPC 20180222
Outline for the erection of up to 125 dwellings with public open space and associated infrastructure

18/00177/FULL - WPC 20180222
Creation of new access for residential development of up to 125 dwellings

18/00123/FULL - WPC 20180222
Variation of Condition (2) of planning permission 17/01298/MFUL to allow for increase in height and for 1 single unit

18/00082/HOUSE - WPC 20180222
Erection of an extension following removal of existing conservatory

18/00191/TPO - WPC 20180222
To fell 2 Sycamore trees to ground level protected by Tree Preservation Order 74/00015/TPO

17/01929/FULL & 17/01930LBC - WPC 20180111
Planning application to change of use to offices and listed building consent for the same

17/02012/FULL - WPC 20180111
Retention of change of use of building and land from car valeting to auction centre

17/00057/FULL - WPC 20171109
Revised Conversion of outbuildings to form 2 dwellings

17/01346/MOUT - WPC 20170914
Outline hybrid planning application for the erection of 200 dwellings together with associated infrasture and public open space and Full permission for portion of Link Road (land comprising southern portion of Phase 1 of North West Cullompton Urban Extension)

17/01178/MFUL WPC 20170810
Erection of 200 dwellings, formation of new access, provision of phase of link road, primary school site, open space, landscaping and associated works



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