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Recession - Lessening the Impact
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Recession - Newly retired

What’s the problem?

At a time of recession you may find that your carefully prepared retirement plans are overtaken by the economic crisis.

What Can I do?

Set yourself a budget
Now you’ve retired money can become more of an issue than ever. Going from a regular income to living on your pension and savings can be a difficult time for many. The first thing that you can consider is how to make the most of your money. Try setting a budget for yourself using the budget calculator on the ‘Money Made Clear’ website

Make sure you are getting all that you are entitled to.
There are a range of benefits and grants available to those over retirement age. Make sure you know what you can get by looking at Age Concerns information guide ‘Financial Help in Retirement’ available from your local branch or on the Age Concern website at

Benefits for those receiving a pension – through tax credits and council tax credits – is complex to say the least. Some are taxed and some are not, and some are means tested and some are not. Age Concern estimates £4.6 billion in benefits go unclaimed by older people every year. Check out your benefits entitlement through the Mid Devon District Council link below.

Taking on part-time work
Working need not mean returning to the 9-to-5 routine and instead you can look into part-time options that will allow you to boost your income without sacrificing all your free time.
Age discrimination rules mean that your date of birth can no longer be taken into account when you apply for jobs and some employers, notably B&Q, Asda, Barclays and Nationwide, have been encouraging older people to work for them for some time now..
Freelance work is another flexible option, allowing you to tap into the skills you developed during your work career.

Look for help from agencies
Below is a list of organisations who may be able to help you.

Who can help?

Age Concern
Age Concern offers a range of information and advice services to help you in your retirement.


Age Concern Tiverton, Cullompton & District on 01884 255369 or 01884 242052 (Out of hours Answerphone)
Age Concern, Crediton & District on 01363 775008 or email

Citizen’s Advice Bureau
Whatever your problem the CAB can help. The CAB is an independent charity that provides free, confidential, independent advice and information on any subject: money advice, benefits, employment, disability issues, housing, consumer rights etc. Contact Mid Devon CAB at Tiverton Town Hall, 01884 234926 or Crediton Council Office, Market Street 01363 778410

Mid Devon District Council
Struggling to pay the bills? Then council tax benefit and housing benefit could help. If you’re retired, or even if you are working, you could still be entitled to council tax and housing benefits. Use our online benefits calculator at (and follow the links to Benefits) or phone 01884 234259.

Shape up without splashing out
Older residents can improve their health and fitness for free this spring. Over-60s will get free swimming during public sessions at Tiverton and Crediton pools from April 2009. Contact your local pool on 01884 234900 (Tiverton) or 01363 776190 (Crediton) for more details.


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