Helping during the Recession
Recession - Lessening the Impact
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The recession affects different people in different ways Ė older people living on depleted interest from life savings, newly retired facing uncertainty, families struggling to make ends meet, business owners trying to stay solvent, employees facing redundancy or have been made redundant.

In many cases there are organisations and agencies that may be able to provide practical assistance.  In addition, there are others who have been in the same position who have experience of how to move out of these situations.

We have created some questions which may describe your situation and provided some ideas on how to move forward.  In addition, we have provided links to the various agencies who may be able to add further advice or provide practical help.

The pages on this web site may help you to find help and resources - please click on the page that applies to you.

People in these situations can feel isolated and often donít like to ask for help.  Being a victim of a recession is not a sign of failure and by working together we may be able to help each other through this difficult time.  Remember, you are not on your own!

The web pages on this site contain information and pointers to organisations which may be able to help

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