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Consultee Comments for Planning Application

Application Summary
Application Number: 18/01471/FULL
Address: The Gables Gables Road Willand Cullompton Devon EX15 2PL

Proposal: Conversion of existing building to Pre-School and Community rooms and erection of extension for storage area

Case Officer: Ms Naomi Morgan
Consultee Details
Name: from Willand Parish Council
Address: 40 Townlands, Willand, Cullompton, Devon EX15 2RS

Willand Parish Council has an interest in this application as it is the freeholder and has been in discussion with the applicant as to the future of the buildings and land and the use of same to be compliant with relevant agreements and covenants.

These discussions have resulted in the signing of a lease which will safeguard the future use of the building meeting the requirement of a community use providing for the future health and well being of the local community of the village and the surrounding area. The close proximity of the child facilities and provision for the elderly will allow for joint activities.

The Parish Council were granted planning permission, now expired, for the refurbishment of the buildings, the enclosure of the courtyard between them and for an extension on the left of the site.
The permission included two commercial elements in a Doctors Surgery and a Pharmacy in addition to the other described community facilities.
This application is less ambitious and does not include the extension and the two commercial elements are not present but the majority of the
other community facility elements in relation to memory café, day centre etc. will be available.

Funding is available for this application to be actioned as soon as planning permission is given.

The Parish Council will be encouraging and supporting the provision of those facilities working with partner organisations and volunteers. The current application will provide more on-site parking than the original approval and the applicants also have an arrangement will the village hall in relation to parking.

Willand Parish Council support this application and would strongly recommend approval.


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On 02 Nov 2018, Not supplied wrote:

Where is the funding coming from that you say is available? Does the village have a need for a setting for children from 0 years old?