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An interesting email exchange with a journalist at the Times
From: Moody, Oliver []
Subject: Willand rising?

Dear Ray,
I hope you'll excuse the intrusion but there is a very odd story doing the rounds from a scientific conference in Austria that Willand is rising by 2cm a year for reasons that researchers don't really understand.
Do you think this could possibly be true? And if so, is the uplift something residents have noticed? It sounds like quite a bit change.
Best wishes,

On 16 April 2018 at 11:07, Ray Ursell wrote:
Dear Oliver
Sounds fascinating but I can’t say that we stand in the middle of the village and feel it rising!
At about 2cm per year over a period of time that is massive change and over 3-5 years you would have thought that there would be signs of distortion or cracking as we have a railway, motorway and normal roads. I have not heard of any cracks etc appearing.
Maybe the next conference should be held in Willand next year ideally on April 1st.
Kind regards

Dear Ray - the April fool is a good point well made. Thank you for getting back to me. Oliver

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On 11 Aug 2018, Adrian wrote:

Surely a bigger unsolved mystery is why houses in Willand are so 'bargain basement' cheap in comparison to nearby Exeter and Taunton. Estate agents wax lyrical about the extant popularity of the village, the much vaunted successful primary school, excellent commutability, access to major trunk routes and so on, yet the majority of houses are worth considerably less than the national average. Great news if you are looking for a first rung on the housing ladder….not great at all if you are in the market of moving attempting to move onwards and upwards. A mystery worth solving!