Planning Applications
Pending MDDC Decision
Proposal:  Creation of new access for residential development of up to 125 dwellings

Location:    Land at NGR 303174 110748 Meadow Park Willand Devon

WPC Comment

Willand Parish Council recommend refusal of this application as it is linked to an application for 125 houses which is contrary to policy and has a number of other issues which make it unacceptable.  To approve an access in isolation from any development which has not been approved is considered to be unwise.  If the access is approved but the outline housing application is refused then the access may not be appropriate for the planned housing in accord with the emerging local plan at Policy WI1.
Policy WI1 states:
A site of 2.9 hectares at land east of M5, Willand, is allocated for residential development subject to the following:
a) 42 dwellings with 30% affordable housing;
b) Provision of buffer zone and appropriate planting to mitigate noise from the adjacent motorway; 
c) Mitigation of any wildlife impact including protection of trees;
d) Transport assessment of capacity at the junction of Silver Street and Meadow Park; and
e) Retention and enhancement of the public right of way.

Supporting Paragraph 3.237 states: A Transport Assessment of the capacity of the junction of Silver Street and Meadow Park may result in a different number of dwellings from the number allocated. The current public footpath across the northern boundary of the site should be retained and enhanced.

Policy WI1 d) Transport assessment of capacity at the junction of Silver Street and Meadow Park. A transport assessment has been carried out as a desk bound and computer model in the main. It cannot be seen that any practical account has been taken of the effect of school drop off and collection or the on-street parking during evenings or weekends. No account seems to have been taken of the on-road parking and traffic movement through the junction when Willand Rovers have home games.  No account has been taken of the extra traffic past the junction on the B3181 when the M5 or other roads are closed and this is used as a diversion route.  An event which seems to be happening with greater frequency.  

The DCC Highways advice is not available at the time of submission of this response and so further comment may be submitted for consideration when it is seen.

MDDC Decision