Planning Applications
Pending MDDC Decision

Proposal:   Conversion of outbuildings to form 2 dwellings

Location:  The Elms Willand Old Village Willand Cullompton Devon EX15 2RL

WPC Comment

The Parish Council has considered the number of changes to the plans and whereas Councillors feel that the reduction to two residential units is an acceptable move there are still three areas of concern.

Although the roof lights have been removed from the elevation against the road it will still be possible to see roof lights on the Courtyard Elevation A as one travels towards the church from the Cullompton direction. The Parish Council is concerned that in spite of asking there is no updated written view of opinion/advice from the conservation officer on file in the light of her very comprehensive original report. This omission denies information and consideration of the full facts.

The proposed parking arrangements are still a very real cause for concern. Currently there are three cars regularly parked down the right-hand side of the building which appear to belong to residents of the annex(s). Main house residents appear to park in the ‘courtyard’ intended to be used for the two new properties. Currently this area has a number of cars parked together with a car trailer and a boat on a trailer. Where is the main house parking to now be located? It has also been noted that on occasions cars have been parked opposite the main building on the road which already suffers from excessive on road parking from other houses in the area. There is only a pavement on one side of the road and it is a bus route in both directions. It is therefore important that further need for on street parking is not created.

It is noted that a driveway is to be made down the right-hand side of the house with four parking spaces created at the rear of the site. The spaces appear to be ‘small’ when measured and it is questioned as to whether there is sufficient room available for turning. It is noted the entrance on the North East is to be widened to give a splay on the north side. The Parish Council do not consider this to be practical as the land belongs to the Townlands Estate Management Company and the owner of Number 1. There is also a newly replaced pole in the way which carries overhead cables. Photographs have been supplied showing regular on road parking at this point and so the proposals are irrelevant and in any case the danger will come from the south where visibility is restricted by the house. It could be argued that currently vehicles parked to the right of the house reverse into the road from where they are parked.

Four spaces are to be provided for the new residences in the courtyard. These are considered to be small when measured [4.8 x 2.4 meters]. The gap between parking space 2 and the boundary could cause difficulties for access by vehicles using spaces 3 and 4. There is also a strong concern as to the ability for these vehicles to be turned on site to enter and leave in forward gear.

No provision can be seen as to where storage will be provided for refuse/recycling bins. This is also applicable for the main house and the annex(s) who currently appear to use the courtyard area.

The Parish Council recommend refusal of the application for the reasons given with particular weight being given to the provision of adequate off-road parking for the whole complex.

If Officers are minded to approve the application without addressing the points raised Ward Councillors are asked to consider calling the application before the Planning Committee.

 MDDC Decision