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Thefts from Spearings Coaches

The incident happened in the early hours of Saturday morning and coach batteries were stolen and significant damage caused to 4 coaches parked in the layby opposite the Halfway House, Willand.

An attempted theft was made on a 5th coach where they caused substantial damage to the coach in attempt to steal those batteries. 8 commercial batteries were stolen in total, as well as sets of commercial jump leads,  emergency hammers and  tool boxes were stolen.

They severely damaged the battery caging on 4 vehicles, ripped out all the wiring, severely damaged a locker panel, where they ripped it off the vehicle,  broke a lock and broke an indicator light. This subsequently put these vehicles off the road for use.

We are a small family run business and this continual amount of damage and theft we are having is severely damaging to us. we have always been hit hard with fuel theft but the damage to acquire the fuel and the tools is becoming increasingly worse causing significant damage and putting vehicles off the road.

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