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Dear Hall User,

At the village hall meeting on 23rd May I made the committee aware of comments made on social media with regards to a number of hall users wanting the hall to have Wi-Fi available.

I have done some extensive research into the subject to get some idea of the costs involved. I have been advised that due to the size of the hall and the potential of people who may wish to access it that unless we installed a fibre connection with access points throughout the hall then it would be of little use to anyone.

On speaking to a couple of broadband suppliers I found out that the fibre connection in Willand that the hall would connect to is already at capacity and unless we had a normal connection installed at the hall then we could not be put on a waiting list for a fibre connection.

To have access points put throughout the hall and to install a standard Wi-Fi connection initially will cost about £2000 which would include the broadband fee for two years and line installation. This would not generate any extra income to the hall. The committee has agreed to ask the groups that use the hall if they would like us to install a Wi-Fi connection at the hall knowing that initially the connection would not be very good and in the hope that more capacity on the fibre connection will eventually become available.

If the money can be raised to cover the £2000 required then the committee will get it installed. Please ask your group/activity users if they are prepared to make a donation towards this and pass the donations to the hall.

Hall bank details are as follows CAF Bank Ltd Sort Code 40-52-40 Account No. 00012464. It is up to you if you want the hall to have Wi-Fi then please donate towards it. If the money can be raised then we can have the Wi-Fi (but understand that initially the connection won’t be very good and we do not know how long we will have to wait for a better one).

Kind Regards

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