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It will have been seen in the latest edition that the Willand Magazine has been run by Brian and Pauline on a voluntary basis for the best part of 20 years.  They feel that it is time to call it a day but have kindly agreed to stay at the helm for a few more editions to enable there to be a phased passing over of the reins.

The Parish Council have discussed the issue taking into account representations already received  - all of which hope that the magazine will continue.  The Parish Council do make a small subsidy but in the main it is self financing.

Ideally it would be preferred that one or two people took over the reins but that may not be possible or practical in this day and age.  If you are such a person please contact the Parish Clerk and make your interest known.

The alternative would be to split the tasks into three or four units of responsibility.  The Editor collection of articles setting out and getting printed [possibly aided by a proof reader!];  Advertising coordinator to work with the advertisers and collect the adverts and more importantly invoice them and arrange for payments to be made; and lastly Distribution to every household in the Parish.  Currently there is a support network of some 40 volunteers who undertake the deliveries and hopefully they will stay with us please.
If you need any more information please feel free to speak with Brian or Pauline or the Parish Clerk.

Over time there will be the opportunity to develop it to meet current changes in demand website links, colour who knows only the availability of willing hands, ideas and money can hold us back.

Over to you folks your community your magazine you know the rest!  In the mean time our thanks to Brian and Pauline for their sterling work on behalf of the village community.

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